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IMG_2447Welcome to my website Skuldlaus.is

My name Haukur Hilmarsson and I am a consultant in financial behavior. The starting point for all this can be traced back to January 2009, when I had to lay the cards on the table and tell my wife the truth about our finances. I had been lying to her about our finances and or debt and what she believed was about 5 thousand dollars was actually over 20 times higher. To get honest about my financial mess is one of the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I used to let my emotions, fear and shame affect all my finances. I hid my embarrassment by telling my wife’s not the truth about our financial difficulties and I tried in solitary to unsuccessfully fix the problem. But I was handed a solution that would change the situation – but I could not do it alone. I received guidance from good friends that had also been in my situation and that is what I write about here on Skuldlaus.is. I believe that you too can walk this path to find yourself feeling better and with better finances.

I believe that you can find happiness in life regardless of your financial situation.

In 2010, I went to study in social work at the University of Iceland to learn to help others. We need good and sincere professional guidance, someone who understands that behind the unorganized mess we are all people who just need guidance from their problems. We must first realize our thoughts and emotions before we can manages our personal finances. I completed a BA degree in 2013 and my thesis, a Self-control and financial problems, dealt with our financial and emotional.

I am also a certified financial social worker. That training gave me a better perspective on how important it is to improve behavior and thoughts before we fix our finances.
In 2014 I published the book Better finance. It is a self-help workbook where I guide you to your personal balance between your money and your attitude towards money just by focusing on our behavior and thoughts towards money. The book is written for everyone, whether you are just adding to whats good or wheter you are in serious financial difficulties. I have seen the book work and I believe that it will help those who want it.

I have great faith in my work and I have used it as a teaching material for social workers at the University of Iceland and a number of other courses as with Labour, Continuing Education, University of Iceland, the Association of local services, and more say in radio programs.

Learn about the journey that changed my life – and my finances. I have full confidence that it can improve your life.

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