Where is the money going?


In order to know whether we can afford our way of living, we need to know what quality of life we ​​choose and what we are paying for them. We ask ourselves: “Where is the money going?”

The answer may not be simple. If we do not monitor our daily finances we might not notice that some money goes into this and some goes into that. Therefore we can not find an exact answer to our question. Some might not ever have an answer at all.

That’s why we recommend that you note where each and every money is going. We simply write down how we spend our money. We write down all our expences. We have a worksheet for you to record expenses for each week: financial calendar. You can download and print out the projects by clicking here.

We have two kind of expenses, fixed expenses and daily expenses. Fixed expenses are pre arranged payments such as housing costs, loan repayments, subscriptions, heat, electricity, phone and Internet. Daily expences is all irregular expences such as food, clothes, entertainment, transportation and so forth.

Registration expenditure is the most important factor in changing finances. Without this information is highly likely that we will not succeed in improving our finances.

When we monitor our expences we get a clear picture of where we spend our money but we also get a clearer picture of how we behave in our finances. It is less stressful to know exactly what our money is doing. The knowledge will also help to change the habits of our finances. We monitor where the money goes and ask us:

Does the money have to go there?