What money?


Our society is based largely on the use of money. We use the money to buy the necessary quality of life such as food, clothing, housing, medicine, health care and transportation, but also improve the quality of life buying candy, computers, mobile phones, entertainment and all that adds life and joy.You can say money has become the central device to access all quality of life. If we have enough money then quality of life expands but if we lack money our quality of life will reduce or disappear.

What money then?

Society is based on the fact that we provide for ourselves and our children with work. Those who are unable to work have the opportunity or the right to compensation from the relevant parties. What money is the salary we receive for our job, social or unemployment benefits, grants or gifts.

The first step to improving your finances is to answer the question “Where did the money come from?”

We need to know how much money we have in hand to pay for the quality of life of our: food, clothing, housing, medicine, health care and transportation. Also, if we have enough money to enhance the quality of life beyond our basic needs.

In my book Better finance are worksheets that help us gather and record our monthly income. You can obtain the income worksheet here (Homework-income).

Next question: Where is the money going?