Is the money supporting our goals?


Our goal should always be that the income is greater than expenses – to make more money than we use. Even if it is only one cent we still would have greater income.

In order to achieve the goals we set ourselves, whether it is to save money or pay our debts the money needs to support that goal. The money has to go where we decide. If he does not, we will not achieve our goals.

There are many ways to stick to our financial goals. For example, monitor income and expenses, decide how much we spend on needs and how much on longings. Monitor how well we are doing paying all our debts and act accordingly when needed. But in my opinion it is most important that we monitor how we feel. We could do everything absolutely correct in finances, we could save every penny and deny us all the unnecessary desires to be able to pay all the bills on date. But that would be a miserable life denying us the simplest quality of life just to get out of debt. And it is this misery that could ruin the good work of paying debt and drag us back down to our former usual debt. When we do not feel good about our selves and our lives, it is actually easier to give up and buy silly useless things than it is to be strong and pay all the bills on time.

It is therefore important that we take care of us first and then take care of the finances. We need to build up endurance and ability to resist temptation and find the knowledge to seek help when we feel miserable and are low on our mental energy.

Here are few simple things that help you keep up your spirit. For example, eating nutritious food, sleep enough, set realistic goals that you know you can achieve, and hang around active and positive friends and family, someone who has similar or the same goals and interests as you in finances.