Does the money have to go there?


Many of the qualities of life we acquire are needs. We need housing, food and clothing. We need heating and electricity. We need to take care of our health.

As we monitor our spending, we see our needs and how much we ​​are paying for it. We also see how we choose our quality of life. We go to the store and we buy what we like and we buy what we are used to have for dinner. We choose comfortable clothes and we choose furniture. Many of our choices are old habits and it is therefore a long time since we stopped wondering what it costs or why we buy it. If we need milk then we buy milk. It is what we want.

But what do our habits cost? We ask ourselves whether we need to buy exactly this product or if we can buy another similar but cheaper product. We ask if we need to drive the car as much as we do, or whether we have to  many TV subscriptions. We consider all of our quality of life and make a decision whether it is necessary to buy them. By doing that we are changing our habits by choice.

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